Keeler Pulsair IntelliPuff Non-Contact Tonometer

Quick Overview

The Keeler intelligent puff system giving you a quantum leap forwards in accuracy and ease of use. IntelliPuff embodies electronic and optical technology to deliver you the speed' accuracy and ease of use you and your patients deserve. Accuracy guaranteed.

IntelliPuff automatically senses when there is difficulty – perhaps a dry eye or a damaged cornea and adjusts the automatic firing criteria accordingly – simple.

Keeler's unique algorithm will constantly evaluate your readings and ensure the tightest range is used to give you the final and perfect result every time.

When the intelligent system considers you have enough reliable readings for an eye, the sound system will let you know – no more guesswork and the minimum puffs per patient.

Save time, increase flexibility. Conventional chinrest devices take time to get the patient aligned and comfortable – just consider the total time wasted over a 12 month period adjusting table and chinrest heights and settling your patients. Time is our most precious commodity. Pulsair intelliPuff gives you more time.

Add to this time saving the flexibility to measure IOP's on patients that are unsuitable for a chinrest device – those with disabilities, children, the elderly or infirm.

Save time and cost. Pulsair intelliPuff does not touch the eye and hence virtually eliminates any possibility of cross infection. Pulsair intelliPuff requires no anaesthetic or fluorescein, has no need for any disinfection or sterilisation regime and requires no single use consumables. Usage costs – virtually nil.

The Keeler Pulsair intelliPuff non-contact tonometer will only fire when perfect alignment and patient position have been achieved, thus removing all subjectivity from the measured result.



  • Gentle is understating the new system – and if the patient has high pressures the puff will automatically increase for the next measurement. Kind, intelligent and simple. Technology working for you.
  • Engineered to perfection – this 5th generation device is better than ever – there are no limits. This is the most accurate, smallest, quietest, lightest, fastest Pulsair ever.
  • No more bulbs to change – our new LED (Light Emitting Diode) illuminated targeting system will last a lifetime and never need changing. Cooler, 100% reliable, 100% consistent.
  • Cost effective – no sterile consumables to purchase, and printing is optional, so your ownership costs are insignificant.
  • Hand held and wall mounted– Pulsair intelliPuff uses less than 50%of the space of conventional non contact tonometers and is the only model that can be wall mounted. Whether you wall mount or prefer to place it on you desk you win the ‘space war’ every time. No special instrument table is required – put it where you want it. Move it when you want to. Total flexibility.
  • Engineering and design excellence: Pump, solenoid control valves, plenum chamber and optical mainframe are all designed to function optimally leading to efficient and fast measurement. LED illumination provides a constant and reliable light source for the alignment camera and the positional detection systems. Quietly cost effective, the Pulsair tonometers require no sterile consumables, printing is under your control so ongoing costs are managed.

Part Number

Keeler Pulsair IntelliPuff Non-Contact Tonometer

Part #: 2414-P-2001

Keeler Pulsair IntelliPuff subsystems

Air impulse tonometry is an extremely complex process. Reliable, repeatable and accurate objective tonometry relies upon the performance of two critical subsystems:

Position detection

It is important that the instrument knows its position and orientation relative to the eye being measured. When an air packet is released towards the cornea, the release position and the direction of the air travel have significant effect on the reaction of the cornea to the puff and therefore the measurement result.

This position detection in the case of a hand-held instrument in which neither the patient’s eye nor the operator’s movements are restricted becomes of critical importance.

In the latest Keeler instrument this is carried out through the use of 3 optical sensors working at infra-red wavelength. A continuously monitored and controlled LED infra red light source provides a precisely directed beam whose reflection from cornea is registered by the 3 sensors. These sensors provide the critical alignment data related to the distance, pitch and the alignment of the instrument from the cornea. The signals are converted to digital form at rates of up to 100K bytes per second.

It is the intelligent processing of these signals which enable the on-board processor to calculate precisely the instruments position relative to the patient’s eye every fraction of a millisecond thus allowing an event (air release) only when alignment is perfect.

The quantized “air puff”

Here, our instrument design departs from the more conventional motor/rotary-actuator driven piston for generation of the air puff. In a hand-held instrument it is of paramount importance that the measurement is carried out in the shortest possible time, reducing the possibility of hand/eye movement which can lead to errors in the measurement.

Following extensive research at Keeler, we have perfected a pressurised plenum chamber and solenoid-valve technique which enables the instrument to perform its measurement within a maximum period of 10ms of data capture (typically 3ms).

Accurate control and measurement of the reservoir pressure together with high speed measurement of each individual generated air puff and the tracking of individual solenoid valve characteristic has enabled the instrument to achieve repeatability of operation well beyond that experienced in instruments of this type in the past.


Measurement scale: mmHg (millimetres of mercury)

Displayed accuracy: 0.1mmHg

Display:4 character dot matrix scrolling

Firing system: Automatic and objective

Illumination system: LED infra red

Working distance: 20mm

Mounting system: Table/desktop/wall

Base unit dimensions: 260 x 215 x 220mm (H x D x W)

Base unit weigh: 2.465Kg

Hand piece dimensions: 315 x 150 x 46mm (H x D x W)

Hand piece weight: 0.890Kg

Umbilical cord length: 2.0m

Printer: Thermal line printer

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