Our range of binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes are amongst the most popular pieces of ophthalmic equipment. Keeler has built a formidable reputation as the innovator, developer and manufacturer of indirect ophthalmoscopes. Their popularity arises from the fact that they allow ophthalmologists to obtain a detailed, three-dimensional interpretation of the inner eye. They have also become an invaluable teaching tool for students to see a number of conditions such as retinal tears, holes and detachments. 

Keeler’s binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes offer a number of medical advantages. These include: 

  1. Comfort > They have been ergonomically engineered. The use of lightweight materials, soft cushioning and a non-slip- contoured headband provides comfort and balance whilst a patient is being examined.
  2. Optimal efficiency > The indirect ophthalmoscopes offer maximum performance. The bulbs are easily accessible and can be changed quickly. This is a huge benefit when the bulbs need to be replaced during surgery.
  3. Wide angled diffuser > The use of a wide angled diffuser eliminates shadows on the edge of the condensing lens. This significantly expands an ophthalmologists field of vision. This is particularly useful during difficult, long and/or peripheral examinations. There is also less discomfort for the patient because the light is softer.
  4. Clearest yet adjustable illumination > Why have all of the controls on the wall when the instrument is on your head? Keeler’s  indirect optics have the brightest illumination that can be turned down to as low as 2% of the maximum requirement. On the range of indirect Vantage Plus ophthalmoscopes that we supply the illumination rheostat is located on the headband. This offers easily accessible yet fully controllable cast of light. They are also coated and individually laser aligned to provide the sharpest optical images in the industry.