For dental and medical best practice, practitioners need to be able to create the correct lighting conditions and levels of magnification for clinical procedures.This is where Keeler's extensive range of surgical and dental loupes come into their own. They offer healthcare professionals with the broadest fields of vision along with top quality laser aligned optics for optimal resolution and magnification.This helps to reduce fatigue, back pain and neck strain which is particularly useful in complex surgical procedures and restorative or endodontic dental procedures. 

With the continuing advancement in materials and technology, the practice of wearing loupes during dental and surgical procedures is becoming the norm. They, too, are becoming small, lighter and more comfortable for a practitioner to wear. 

Loupes With Flexible Hinges

The intelligent design of Keeler’s loupes means that, no matter what angle you need, the magnifying device provides the largest scope of declination. It works to meet any surgical procedure and stance.


Loupes With PD Bar

Keeler's pupillary distance (PD) bars are created from one solid piece of aluminum. This provides a stable and precision aligned mount, no double images and no tired eyes. This is essential for long surgical procedures. 


Loupes With RX Prescription

For those that wear glasses, you can either wear your spectacles under the Keeler frame or you can use the RX lens holder for your prescription lenses.

Wear your spectacles under the Keeler frame Keeler frame with RX lens holder

Our range of surgical and dental loupes are listed below: