Binocular slit lamps allow optometrists to gain a three-dimensional view of the anatomical structure of the anterior and posterior parts of the eye. This includes the eyelid, sclera, natural crystalline lens, conjunctiva, iris and cornea. When a high-intensity beam or ‘slit’ of light is directed at a particular angle, it accentuates the structures of the eye allowing for closer inspection. Used in conjunction with a biomicroscope, slit lamps provide stereoscopic magnification and illumination than most handheld devices. This is hugely beneficial because they help to diagnose a number of binocular conditions such as corneal injury (an ulcer or swelling), conjunctivitis, cataract or diabetic retinopathy.

Keeler's advanced design and manufacturing techniques give optimum functionality and optical performance with a beautifully designed device. The height and width of their slit lamps can be easily adjusted and the controls are perfectly placed for ease of use. Their power management system allows 

Keeler slit lamps have been engineered to offer world-class technology and optical clarity. Their key features include: 

1). A built-in diffuser in the filter wheel which provides an enhanced view of the eye

2). Integrated yellow filter into the optical body. So, when using the slit lamps you will simply need to "drop it in" to detect subtle corneal straining. 

3). An illumination control panel by the joysticks giving easy access to the vital controls

4). Volk digital lenses. The 3rd generation of double aspheric optical lenses deliver the highest retinal imaging resolution. The shape of the lenses and the coating reduces unwelcome glare while generating optimal photographic images

Whats more, Keeler slit lamps have been rigorously tested to comply with the world's most stringent medical device safety standards. These have been set by global regulatory authorities. Their range of slit lamps are also renowned for their exceptional reliability. With a 3 year guarantee, you can be confident that they will offer accurate eye examinations on a consistent basis.  

There are several types of optometric slit lamps. At Brawn Ophthalmics, we supply Keeler's table and portable slit lamps. 

Keeler’s range of table top slit lamps come in multiple variants, a digital table top version or in a conventional variation, both allowing precise and correct examination during biomicroscopy.