Keeler Hi-Res Loupes

Quick Overview

Keeler Hi-Res Loupes provide bright image with a larger field of view with excellent edge clarity magnification allowing you to do a better job as well as improving posture and reducing eye strain.

Keeler Hi-Res Surgical Loupes offer magnifications of 3.0x in up to 4 different working distances


The four lens high index coated optical system of the Keeler Hi-Res Surgical Loupe gives you three times magnification, a bright image and a larger field of view than the Keeler Standard 3.0x Loupe. Hi-Res Loupes also have excellent definition, stunning performance and great looks.

Suitable for: 

  • Most fields of surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Surgical assistants

To obtain a graphical representation of the “Field of View” for this loupe please download our product brochure under the Documents & Resources tab for further information.

Working Distance & Field of View

Part # Magnification Working Distance Field of View
2112-P-1050 3.0x 34cm 6.8cm
2112-P-1051 42cm 8.2cm
2112-P-1052 46cm 8.8cm
2112-P-1053 50cm 9.5cm

Coming Soon.


Keeler Loupes - Product Brochure